Sunday, 26 August 2012

I am a Birthday Girl

hi and salam ,

thanks to Allah for giving me such a great family, a great life with many kinds of challenges. giving me such agreat friends and siblings. thanks Allah. Syukran. and i almost forgotten that " i am proudly thankful to Allah for letting me to life on/in this world for 16 years "

a great and a big thanks to all my friends that have been wishing me on my birthday. my birthday song is playing hard on my mind right now.oh, yeah, here am i.updating my blog at 12.37 on 27 august 2012.

my birthday wishes,
i really hope that someone special will be the first person who is wishing on my birthday. and yes. it is impossible, okay, i'll take it as my first challenges as a 16 years old girl. i am glad and really thankful for having such a happy and enjoying and, hurm.. i can't even describe my own feeling. okay, my life ain't perfect yet Allah makes me feel perfect.

being thankful for what have given to me,
yes, i'm living my happy life with my family and friends.  even though i wasn't born in a rich family just like my teacher always say " born to this world with silver spoon on your mouth "
i am really really thankful for having such a great friend,who will always being there for me.motivating me and supporting me. and also my family who always understand me, take me  as who i am. and giving me such a big love.

it almost midnight, and now 12.45 a.m. i should go to bed right now. and should i say hello to school ? last but not least, thanks for those who have been wishing for my birthday :)

a birthday girl,

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