Sunday, 2 September 2012

The most tired day

salam and hi ,

long time no see oh? hmm, i am totally tired to the max for today. today, we got a debate and unfortunately we lose. okay, first oh all i've never expect that we're gonna lose. that is because, a lot of people support us and telling that our school gonna win this match. i was really shock, the debater seem so easy to be defeat. you know why i'm feel'in not so agree with this judgement? i got my own reason okay. because all the judges is from kota samarahan. and do you know why they are winning this match? because they are from samarahan.
the conclusion is, the judges mind set is for SMK LUNDU.

okay, seriously i was totally sad, but its okay. we've done the best for our school. and yes! we've perform better than them. i still remember this " a winner doesn't mean they are winning the first place, but they are doing much better and putting a lot of effort on it".

last night i went to sleep almost at 2 a.m . i'm was so busy doing my projek sivik. waaaahh, so tired you know. and also my nota sejarah for my team work. and i was so tired to the max. having a headache and gastric at the same time.

i am aiming for next year debate. i'll make sure that our school gonna win next year debate. and i'll make sure that Bukit Lima will be the best among the best.go BUKIT LIMA !

this morning before we hit the road to RTM Sibu, i've find a little bit time for my akak gra. hee. and we got such a enjoying conversation and almost all the time i smile. okay, i was too happy. but why am i so happy? shhuuhhhh. TOP SECRET. cannot tell lahh. haha

okay,last but not least. now i am really tired and have to take a nap for awhile. eh, not nap lah.. sleep. haha. okay,readers. have a nice day and pray for my SPM next year. syukran jazillan for reading my blog.  may Allah bless you all. almost forgotten, for my future zauj.. take care dear, wherever you are.. i wish that you'll be okay. salam...

with love,
eja :)

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