Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lack of rest


salam and hi,

almost 10.30 but i'm still doing this. i mean updating my blog and at the same time listening to m new fav song THE REASON by Hoobstank. twitter and facebook seems to be so boring for me now and i'm moving on blog.

starting for last week, i slept in my brother room since he's not using his room for awhile. yeayy. i'm feeling very comfortable in this room because ...? I also don't know. ade something ek? HAHA. ghost maybe?

like usual.. homework.. assignment and a lots of other things is troubling me, yet it be worth for you at last eja. okay,fine. i do all that. i mean homework and assignment. oh, about those pictures that i've promise, i'm so sorry. i haven't finish edit all those pictures.

i am yawning right now. got to go. have a nice day and goodnight. sleep well and dream tight.


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