Sunday, 26 August 2012

I am a Birthday Girl

hi and salam ,

thanks to Allah for giving me such a great family, a great life with many kinds of challenges. giving me such agreat friends and siblings. thanks Allah. Syukran. and i almost forgotten that " i am proudly thankful to Allah for letting me to life on/in this world for 16 years "

a great and a big thanks to all my friends that have been wishing me on my birthday. my birthday song is playing hard on my mind right now.oh, yeah, here am i.updating my blog at 12.37 on 27 august 2012.

my birthday wishes,
i really hope that someone special will be the first person who is wishing on my birthday. and yes. it is impossible, okay, i'll take it as my first challenges as a 16 years old girl. i am glad and really thankful for having such a happy and enjoying and, hurm.. i can't even describe my own feeling. okay, my life ain't perfect yet Allah makes me feel perfect.

being thankful for what have given to me,
yes, i'm living my happy life with my family and friends.  even though i wasn't born in a rich family just like my teacher always say " born to this world with silver spoon on your mouth "
i am really really thankful for having such a great friend,who will always being there for me.motivating me and supporting me. and also my family who always understand me, take me  as who i am. and giving me such a big love.

it almost midnight, and now 12.45 a.m. i should go to bed right now. and should i say hello to school ? last but not least, thanks for those who have been wishing for my birthday :)

a birthday girl,

Saturday, 25 August 2012

My Best Ever Friend

salam and hi,

how was your raya? okay? this evening i'm feeling free to update my blog. okay, tak lama lagi sekolah dah nak bukak, so kita enjoy lah before sekolah bukak balik. hm, kalau dah start sekolah balik nanti confirm takde masa untuk blog,huhu.

daily routine on school week, bangun awal then terpaksa settle down with homework yang banyak melambak.  revise balik and then check schedule. Tiap-tiap hari balik akhir exception for friday sebab balik awal. usually sampai rumah pukul 3 or pukul 2.45 p.m. totally not awesome but there's something i really love abaout school is My Best Ever Friend.

okay,here we come to my post tittle. my best ever friend. mostly people on this earthlings got a best friends. and it goes same to me. i'm really thankful because Allah gave me such a good friend and it was actually best ever friend. i loves to be friend , to make new friend and to be friend. maybe some people don't but when it comes to me, yes. i really loves to make friend.

Who is My Best Ever Friend ? my best ever friend is a girl. someone who always be my good listener,the best person to hug and someone that i really understand me. also can make me feel a litlle bit calmer. she's the one who will always got a point or an idea to make me smile. to laugh after hearing her fool jokes. best revision mates. and a lot of things. almost forget about one thing, she's the best one who can accompany me to sing out loud our Korean pop songs. she's the best one.

What makes me feel good about her ? she's kinda understanding me, know me better than others. who will always says something that she don't like or don't feel right at my front and not at my back. she's motivated me. she's kinda matured person and i really love to have  a chit chat with her. people may looks her as a serious, arrogant or sombong or etc. but to me, she's got an incredible personality. the more or the long time you know her, the more you love about her.

What she loves to do? She really loves to make jokes. she also got an awesome and kinda MERDU voices. she loves to paint, she loves maths i means basic maths just like multiply,divide,plus and minus. she's a future accountant who got an ambition to be a lecturer. she really loves a beautiful and cute things so much. she loves kids. and her nephew call her Buk Ina. KINDA special name right? but to me, its cute.

What I hope and pray for her? I hope that one day, she'll achieve what she want to be. find her soul mates. success in her life and i pray that one fine day, she'll receive her hidayah to wear hijab . and to be a full time muslimah. may she find her happiness. may Allah always gave the best for her. may her smile last for along time and i hope she'll be strong as strong as she used to be or more stronger than she used to be, to face all challenges in her life.lastly, may Allah bless her.

the best ever friends, is the one who will always be by our side when we need them. who will always support us no matter how big our problem is. who will wiling to give us a big hug to make us feel calmer. friends.. you are one of my best ever gift that ever Allah gave to me. Thanks friends. Please strictly remember that, friendship won't end if we don't end it. please, forgive me for all my mistake, my over saying or anythings that i do that ever hurt your feelings. Girls... thanks for everything.

last but not least, thanks for the one who never stop reading my blogs and accept who am i. i'm just human beings who do bad things and always try to be more better than before.


Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Last Post About Him

salam and hi,

miss me already? okay, see the post tittle above? the last post about him. okay, since we're not together anymore i've decide to write a post about him and untill now or today baru ada kesempatan. okay, the first and the last maybe, post about him. who is HIM ? okay, let me tell of you. HIM is someone or somebody that i used to love,someone that i used to get close and someone that i used to miss. right now, i'm totally having a disorder mental and split personality. okay.hmm. i don't know where i'm gonna start to write about him. I'm getting to know him about 9 months ago and that's mean we're knowing each other for about 9 months already. we're actually accidentally knowing each other. it happens on 24 November 2011. whereas, there a boy who dare to comment on my bored update status on FB . he comment one weird word and it is "POPTROPICA"  okay, i was totally shock. hm. don't know why on that night i was interested to play a game who is weirdly name POPTROPICA. hm. we started to know each other after the game was ended. we're texting and get  to know each other. that was the first time in my life i text a person almost for 5 hours and it was totally OMOOOO! okay,i admit that my hand is "KEPAK" straightly after finish texting with him. day by day both of us getting closer and it was such a great memory to me.

The confession, this part is so so funny okay. where there a man who keep calling me sayang and me "tak malu ke panggil orang sayang sedangkan, there's nothing between us" at first i was totally know and labelled him as a kasanova . how bad am i at that time right? hehe.

I accept him.  I Open My Heart For HIM . I'm falling in love with him. okay, i was totally unexpected that i will fall in love with him. i get to know him more closer. knowing him such a great and wonderful things for me. loving him was totally teaching me what love is. i was In Love.

Just like others couples, of course we're having a problem in our relationship.  and i still remember how hard and how was he trying to convince me and how he try to make me smile. okay, he was totally a patient person. hm. I still remember, there was a girl who tried to ask for his number phone and he don't even reply that girl inbox and i am the one who is always stalking his inbox. okay, i'm just a girl who has a feeling and i do feel jealous okay.

I made such a big decision,
 when I leave him, i decide to stop all this although at that time i know that i really love him. okay, all this happen after i get my hidayah.
and this is the way hidayah came to me.

I Cry. and this is the reason why i lie to him. i tell him that my family don't even allowed me to have a boyfriend. okay, i am guilty. sorry. hmm. i tell him "if there is jodoh and if we're meant to be" For quite a long time, i try to get used with my life without him. and many things happen and it was totally hurt me. i try to make he hate me. i made a fake relationship, sending such a stupid message to him. and thinking that he is trying to play with me. it such a fool things. i cried . i hurt my self. i keep myself in silent and i also being such a fool girl. and at that time, i realized that i need him. i love him. and i don't even able to see he with another girl. and one thing that will never fade and will never i forget is, when he called me. and i heard his breathing while he was sleeping through the phone. oh, how i miss to hear your voice. we're just human beings and we only can planned but all this will happen exactly how ALLAH planned. hmm, that's why its call love. for the one who i ever love and ever come into my heart. i still remember our promises "janji ngan id yg eja sik kan tinggalkan id" "eja janji id" please remeber this chatting,texting, on the phone,video call, skype and everything about you is still there. in a special place. T.A.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The First Big Step

Salam and Hi ,

Lama dah tak update blog kan? baru malam ni berkesempatan. okay, sekarang ni malam raya ke-3. raya tahun  nih okay  lah sikit and a little bit  Awesome sebab hari raya pertama dapat jalan raya dengan keng kawan. best lah. and guess what.. on that day i went out with him. i mean my crush,opps. my last year crush. dia dah makin gemuk sikit sekarang. eh, salah. tembam lah. eh. em. alahai susah nyer nak describe. okay, senang kata cukup makan. haha. firstly, aku mula2 tu bole tahan janggal lah jugak nak bercakap dengan dia, maklum lah sebab lama dah tak jumpa since dia transfer ekot family and since we're not neighbors anymore.

eh, chopp. dah terlebih cerita lah pulak. okay, here we go. the first big step.
tak lama lagi dah nak habis tahun 2012. masa teresa sekejap je berlalu kan? hm. and soon i'm gonna sit for SPM. nervous and i'm not ready yet. matlamat cuti hujung tahun ni adalah nak study and score subject yang I belum dapat score lagi. bila fikirkan benda ni memang naik banyak dandruff dekat kepala nih. bukan apa, runsing, pusing and banyak lagi lah. kalau boleh kan, I nak sangat score semua subject. kalau boleh lah katakan.  eheemm.the end of this chapter. next....

I'm Fallin In Love with ......

Rasulullah s.a.w. 

banyak yang kita boleh contohi and pelajari daripada baginda. okay, dulu aku mengaku yang aku ni berfikiran cetek. kalau orang bagi nasihat pasal agama mesti orang tu kena tagline Ustz. OR Ustzh.
betapa teruk nya aku dulu. truly , aku kesal dengan semua tu. hm. aku harap yang tak ade lagi orang yang akan berfikiran macam aku.

first aku nak tunaikan checklist aku sebagai seorang khalifah di bumi Allah and MUSLIMAH .
aku nak jadi seseorang yang hanya bukan ISLAM pada IC tapi dalam hati.
masya'allah tinggi nya kuasa Allah. membukakan hati aku untuk mencari NUR dalam kehidupan.


persoalan nya, sudah kah anda menunaikan rukun ISLAM tanggungjawab and sebagai seorang ISLAM.

Hijab. . . 
Hijab is something that cover our head from non-muhrim people. hijab is one of the thing that we wear to cover the muslimah aurat. okay, here we go. I love fashion so so much. i love when seeing those muslim,
i mean muslimah wearing tudung labuh with many kinds of styles. although they wore it inmany kinds of styles but they still follow the syariat to cover their aurat. seriously they look so beautiful, i still remember this tagline TERTUTUP ADALAH LEBIH BAIK .
okay, this is my chronology about hijab : woman are just like a candy. i got two candy and one of it i open its wrapper. and i throw both of it on the sand. and again i pick them up. and i give it to you. which one would you like to choose. think wisely .

and last but not least ,

Love After Nikah IS MORE BARAKAH...
 a lot of people keep asking me why am i counting on this. okay, i choose love after nikah because i know that Allah knew the best for me. and I don't want to break my own heart for having a crush or boyfriend.
my love is just for my imam, the owner of my ribs bone. the one who has been destiny to be mine to spend
his whole life for me. who can lead me till jannah. who can taught me to love Rasulullah and Allah.
I pray that one day,i'll find my own ADAM. the one who love me for the sake of Allah. Pernikahan dan Percintaan Bukan Satu Permainan. It Wasn't A Game.

okay, that's all for this entry pray for me dear reader,. semoga nawaitu ini erus kekal. aku hidup kerna
Lillah hi ta'ala . .