Saturday, 25 August 2012

My Best Ever Friend

salam and hi,

how was your raya? okay? this evening i'm feeling free to update my blog. okay, tak lama lagi sekolah dah nak bukak, so kita enjoy lah before sekolah bukak balik. hm, kalau dah start sekolah balik nanti confirm takde masa untuk blog,huhu.

daily routine on school week, bangun awal then terpaksa settle down with homework yang banyak melambak.  revise balik and then check schedule. Tiap-tiap hari balik akhir exception for friday sebab balik awal. usually sampai rumah pukul 3 or pukul 2.45 p.m. totally not awesome but there's something i really love abaout school is My Best Ever Friend.

okay,here we come to my post tittle. my best ever friend. mostly people on this earthlings got a best friends. and it goes same to me. i'm really thankful because Allah gave me such a good friend and it was actually best ever friend. i loves to be friend , to make new friend and to be friend. maybe some people don't but when it comes to me, yes. i really loves to make friend.

Who is My Best Ever Friend ? my best ever friend is a girl. someone who always be my good listener,the best person to hug and someone that i really understand me. also can make me feel a litlle bit calmer. she's the one who will always got a point or an idea to make me smile. to laugh after hearing her fool jokes. best revision mates. and a lot of things. almost forget about one thing, she's the best one who can accompany me to sing out loud our Korean pop songs. she's the best one.

What makes me feel good about her ? she's kinda understanding me, know me better than others. who will always says something that she don't like or don't feel right at my front and not at my back. she's motivated me. she's kinda matured person and i really love to have  a chit chat with her. people may looks her as a serious, arrogant or sombong or etc. but to me, she's got an incredible personality. the more or the long time you know her, the more you love about her.

What she loves to do? She really loves to make jokes. she also got an awesome and kinda MERDU voices. she loves to paint, she loves maths i means basic maths just like multiply,divide,plus and minus. she's a future accountant who got an ambition to be a lecturer. she really loves a beautiful and cute things so much. she loves kids. and her nephew call her Buk Ina. KINDA special name right? but to me, its cute.

What I hope and pray for her? I hope that one day, she'll achieve what she want to be. find her soul mates. success in her life and i pray that one fine day, she'll receive her hidayah to wear hijab . and to be a full time muslimah. may she find her happiness. may Allah always gave the best for her. may her smile last for along time and i hope she'll be strong as strong as she used to be or more stronger than she used to be, to face all challenges in her life.lastly, may Allah bless her.

the best ever friends, is the one who will always be by our side when we need them. who will always support us no matter how big our problem is. who will wiling to give us a big hug to make us feel calmer. friends.. you are one of my best ever gift that ever Allah gave to me. Thanks friends. Please strictly remember that, friendship won't end if we don't end it. please, forgive me for all my mistake, my over saying or anythings that i do that ever hurt your feelings. Girls... thanks for everything.

last but not least, thanks for the one who never stop reading my blogs and accept who am i. i'm just human beings who do bad things and always try to be more better than before.


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