Wednesday, 1 January 2014


hi & salam,
its been quite a long time i've not been updating my blog right? i've been working for a lot of things for 2013, making a lot of memories with my love one, facing the toughest challenges in my life, finding the cure for broken heart, learning how to keep loving others without hoping anything in return, learning how to appreciate , learning how to forgive and forget and lastly i learn how to accept the reality of life:losing someone you love and someone who you take as your own sister nor brother, i learn what's friends really means & those are all the things tht i've been searching for,i've been working on and lots of things i've learnt from this 2013.
 I'll just stop about 2013 at here. Let me start with this brand new 2014
 Today is 1.1.2014
new year, new life, new aim, new hope and new eja.
i just hope that 2014 will give me a new hope to keep going with my life. and yes, i almost forget that i'm going to start working tomorrow.yaa, i really hope that tomorrow won't be too hard for me. 2014 is the year where i'm waiting for the new phase of life after secondary school.

and lastly, i hope that this 2014 will bring me a lot of sweet memories.
hoping to be a good muslimah.
Tudung Labuh BUKAN penghalang bagi DIRI untuk terus berfesyen

kadang-kadang kita mengharapkan yang terbaik untuk diri sehingga terlupa apakah kita layak untuk yang terbaik. tepuk dada tanya minda. berubah lah menjadi yang terbaik dari terus mengharapakan yang terbaik,

The victory won't come towards us easily unless you, yourself are working for it.

ikhlas dari hati,

Friday, 17 May 2013

what a day

salam and hi,
 17th of May is such a special day for me. actually for my mother. today is her birthday. heeeee. i've been planning to buy a give for her and at last i bought a watch for her. okay, its done for my beloved mother birthday.

next week,on 21th of May its gonna be my friend birthday, Baby . I've already bought a present for him. and I don't know if he like it or not. i hope he'll like it.

Lots of things happen in my life. happy memory,sad memory,and etc. its life right. everything happen without any expectation. Everything happen to teach us, to give a lesson to us and lastly to give a memory to our life. whats being the main matter now is, is it good or bad, is it happy or sad? and the one who got the right decide it is ourselves. never expect anything good if you don't work for it.  did you ever noticed that everything happens and gave a lot of advantage and disadvantage. what i want you to do is take the positive one and light up your life with determination. Never forget to pray cause it makes you feel more calm and happier.

in life, we can't satisfied everyone. choose to be happy and you'll be happy. its true, we can't avoid hurting others feelings but at least we can try to learn understand others and respect them, in shaa Allah they'll respect you too.

smiling and laughing is a good medicine for our life and jokes are the supplement vitamin. take it or not, it depends on yourself.

you decide what life mean to you. the key of happiness is you,yourself.

with love,

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Hi , ....(ehem2 testing2)
its have been such a long time i didn't update my blog right? so. here i am. first of all, i wanna ask all of you, did you miss me? hihihi *joking*

so its already 2013 right..? new year and new page of life. so here we go 'SOMETIMES'

 Sometimes in our life we do feel frustrated,sad, happy and bla bla bla. it goes same on me. i do feel sad sometimes but when i'm being so emotional because of that 'sad' feeling i do somethings that could make me happy. for example talk to my best friend, sings the happy songs just like ' saya lah kambing biri-biri ' and etc. all this really works on me 'Sometimes' . so, for those who's really feeling sad right now, try that method. who knows it works on you also.

" when life seems to be so hard for you, stop and spend your 
time with the almighty. In Shaa Allah you'll be fine "

done with that sad thingy. things that really makes me happy? umm. everything makes me happy i think. haha. okay, first things that really makes me happy is when someone smile because of me. especially my mom's and my dad's . then, umm. when people around me is smiling because of my smile and my jokes. it really makes me happy. aaahh. what else oh? idk, it seems like everything around me is making me happy. 

"smiling though part of you is crying. smile is the 
BEST medicine for sadness "

okay,let me stop about that  'SOMETIMES'  here. 

sometimes in our life there's an  unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, an unreachable dream and lastly unforgettable love. smile although sometimes you may feel sad and thinking that your life is so pathetic. stop your negative thinking and start your move with smile's and du'aa In Shaa Allah, HE will show the right way to overcome the obstacle that come into your life. Problems may comes and go just like how Bruno Mar says 'EASY COME, EASY GO' get that. so dear my lovely readers, believe on yourself. say that ' no matter how hard its going to be I'll be strong enough to face it. In Shaa Allah '
Problems,conflicts and whatever things that comes and go in our life change us into someone who is much stronger then we used to be,someone who is full with endurance and someone who do believe on themselves.

smile no matter how old was you, cause a smile will gave you a thousand of happiness 

may Allah shower all of you with HIS blessings. 


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

my day

salam and hi, have been such a long time I didn't update my blog . and now here i am. updating my blog
my life just like usual ,happy and sad. its life right?  i'm having flu since me and my friend is mr'rempit' today.haha. there's nothing on my mind right now. seriously i am totally sad right now.hmm. i can't even think about it anymore. it hurts me badly.

this holiday, i plan to spend my holiday by making my own money. working part time. and unfortunately, there's no job for me. k. sob sob.

let me stop here. nothing to share . bye


Saturday, 29 September 2012


salam and hi,

awkward nya nak update.hee. seen it has been long time i am dis appearing in blogging world and here am i again. seriously,lately ni memang busy then i don't have any mood and idea nak update blog hingga lah ke saat ini baru adee nye pungg. hee.k,first of all eja nak kongsi pasal kem kepimpinan pengawas yang baru je habis minggu2 lepas.memang lah best tapi penat lah. macam2 kami buat bersama. makan,masak,tidur, naik kayu,baling belon,mandi ramai2,burung hantu,pulau harapan and terbang ke bulan.banyak sangat sampai tak tersebut. memang best giler lah. i got something from this kem "together we strong" tag line for my team. okay, secara jujur nya lah. i am being their leader for my team. memang sakit anak tekak dok jerit diaorang.walau apa2 pun tugas sebagai leader ni mamng bukan perkara yang senang. sakit kepala fikir benda apa nak kena suroh buat and alhamdulillah,hari tu team eja menang untuk LDK yang terakhir.we win it at last.


okay,buat masa yang terdekat ni memang eja ada banyak sangat masalah and eja mengaku yang kadang2 eja lemah,eja lost hope and eja takut eja tak dapat nak atasi semua ni. tapi dengan ada nya kawan2 family dan orang2 yang tersayang,eja yakin eja dapat. support dari diaorang macam sebahagian dari semangat eja and eja betul2 perlukan semua tu. masa eja down diaorang peluk eja,suroh eja kuat. seriously that a friend should do. a friendship means a lot to me. i wish that it last forever. 

i keep crying i keep losing my hopes but when they come and give me some strength i stay alive.
life teach me teach me what friends means,life teach me hows its going to teach me to be  better than how i used to be and life teach me to TRY and not to GIVE UP.


I keep hoping for you even though i know it is useless.once you have feelings for someone,those feeling will always be there. You may not like them anymore but you'll still care.

okay,i was kinda feeling for awhile and it just like i'm missing for something that used to be with me.seriously i miss that. i miss those and i miss him. don't ask me to forget if you've know the answer.
life wasn't a fairy tale having such a happy ever after love story. some's maybe needs time to get back. how i wish i can be with you for the last time of my life. i miss you. yes,its you. 


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lack of rest


salam and hi,

almost 10.30 but i'm still doing this. i mean updating my blog and at the same time listening to m new fav song THE REASON by Hoobstank. twitter and facebook seems to be so boring for me now and i'm moving on blog.

starting for last week, i slept in my brother room since he's not using his room for awhile. yeayy. i'm feeling very comfortable in this room because ...? I also don't know. ade something ek? HAHA. ghost maybe?

like usual.. homework.. assignment and a lots of other things is troubling me, yet it be worth for you at last eja. okay,fine. i do all that. i mean homework and assignment. oh, about those pictures that i've promise, i'm so sorry. i haven't finish edit all those pictures.

i am yawning right now. got to go. have a nice day and goodnight. sleep well and dream tight.


Saturday, 15 September 2012


salam and hi,

lama dah tak update blog kan? so,here am i. updating my blog for my readers. time ni boring tahap gaban. tak tahu nak buat ape. sedangkan homework melambak atas meja. hehe. okay,seriously sekarang ni mood malas tengah menguasai diri saya. malas dan malas. nak buat peka tak de mood. nak buat text ULBS takde mood. nak buat addmath tak de mood .nak buat semua benda pun takde mood. hari sungguh panas dan saya tak de mood.

sebenarnya,tadi eja plan nak pi jalan2 dekat shopping complex dengan kiki. tapi,bila pegi rumah dia, ketuk punya ketuk. salam pun tak bejawab. memang sah lah takde kat rumah. okay. fine. bored to the max.

semalam,having such a great day being a photographer. memang lah penat but it worth okay.nanti ada masa eja upload.sebarang salah dan silap yang melukakan hati,jiwa dan raga harap dimaafkan waktu eja jadi photographer. seriously semalam eja memang tak nak lepas lansung dari NIKON DSLR tu.hehehe.

seriously semalam memang jealous sangat.hehe. sebab semua jejaka,i mean my besties pegi date and jejalan dengan makwe masing2 and yes, i'm alone. so good. thumbs up. eh,macam jealous je eja nih? memang pun.
tapi kan,tak pe lah, itu hak diaorang nak bahagia kan? i don't have any right to stop them.

kalau update blog bukan main banyak idea. tapi kalau nak tulis karangan 250 patah perkataan tu memang berjam-jam nak cari idea. kids nowadays.haha.

hari tu masa nak hias dewan untuk merdeka kongsi,eja pegi lah duduk berehat kejap dekat belakang tu . okay,eja duduk dengan geng kelas sebelah.first tu ada lah kawan eja ni dia ajak kawan dia yang satu tu pegi jogging sabtu nih. okay, eja labelkan kawan 1 dan kawan 2 jelah,supaya cepat faham. kawan 1 pi ajak kawan 2 jogging. lepas tu,kawan 2 ni pi ajak eja jogging sabtu ni. eja malas betul lah nak pi jogging memang bukan hobi eja lah nak pi jogging . i rather choose to sleep for the whole day okay. eja simply cakap yang eja tak dapat jogging sebab eja tak boleh penat sangat sebab asma. konon nyer lah kau tu ja. yang kau bejalan satu shopping complex tak penat pulak. haha. then,lepas dia dengar eja cakap tak boleh nak jogging. dia ajak eja pi main badminton lah pulak. alahai.. eja mane reti main benda alah tu. setakat pegang kan raket tu boleh lah.then,eja cakap lah kat dia yang eja tak reti nak main badminton and guess what? dia ajak eja pi jalan je. i mean BERJALAN boleh imagine tak? okay, kalau jalan pi shopping tu okay lah jugak. ini tak, jalan untuk exercise. Seriously tak lah. okay. eja cakap TAK dan TAK. ORANG malas lah. ade faham. and one more thing,eja tak suka kacau BF orang lain. sebenarnya alasan yang eja buat tu memang eja sengaja buat supaya dia tak paksa eja ekot dia. seriously aku tak nak lah wei. HAK orang HAK orang and its not mine.

kalau boleh lah,eja nak elak semua benda tu. eja rimas, eja tak suka. hari tu,eja pi tugas macam biasa. and suddenly,eja baru sedar yang eja lupa nak bawak buku nota untuk catatan pengawas.okay, memang tak best lah. kang kalau tetiba je ada orang check bawak nota ke tak mesti lah kena hukum.seriously not awesome. and hari tu jugak dia pi pinjamkan buku nota dia untuk eja. seriously kejut lah jugak. yang bagi tu,kawan 2. sedangkan dia sendiri tak de buku nota lagi,ade hati nak bagi kat orang. eja ambik jelah,takut nanti ade spot check susah lah jugak. okay,masa tu.eja fikir benda tu semua khas dari kawan untuk kawan tapi bila semua tu berlaku slowly. i mean idea. seriously stuck kat sini.

Malas lah nak cerita pasal kawan 2 tu. baik eja baring then lagi. haha. yeay. tak lama lagi nak kem. hee. seronok lah sangat. hmm. okay,gtg nak pi cuci muka then start buat segala macam homework yang ade di atas meja nih. goodbye and take care :)


Sunday, 2 September 2012

The most tired day

salam and hi ,

long time no see oh? hmm, i am totally tired to the max for today. today, we got a debate and unfortunately we lose. okay, first oh all i've never expect that we're gonna lose. that is because, a lot of people support us and telling that our school gonna win this match. i was really shock, the debater seem so easy to be defeat. you know why i'm feel'in not so agree with this judgement? i got my own reason okay. because all the judges is from kota samarahan. and do you know why they are winning this match? because they are from samarahan.
the conclusion is, the judges mind set is for SMK LUNDU.

okay, seriously i was totally sad, but its okay. we've done the best for our school. and yes! we've perform better than them. i still remember this " a winner doesn't mean they are winning the first place, but they are doing much better and putting a lot of effort on it".

last night i went to sleep almost at 2 a.m . i'm was so busy doing my projek sivik. waaaahh, so tired you know. and also my nota sejarah for my team work. and i was so tired to the max. having a headache and gastric at the same time.

i am aiming for next year debate. i'll make sure that our school gonna win next year debate. and i'll make sure that Bukit Lima will be the best among the best.go BUKIT LIMA !

this morning before we hit the road to RTM Sibu, i've find a little bit time for my akak gra. hee. and we got such a enjoying conversation and almost all the time i smile. okay, i was too happy. but why am i so happy? shhuuhhhh. TOP SECRET. cannot tell lahh. haha

okay,last but not least. now i am really tired and have to take a nap for awhile. eh, not nap lah.. sleep. haha. okay,readers. have a nice day and pray for my SPM next year. syukran jazillan for reading my blog.  may Allah bless you all. almost forgotten, for my future zauj.. take care dear, wherever you are.. i wish that you'll be okay. salam...

with love,
eja :)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

I am a Birthday Girl

hi and salam ,

thanks to Allah for giving me such a great family, a great life with many kinds of challenges. giving me such agreat friends and siblings. thanks Allah. Syukran. and i almost forgotten that " i am proudly thankful to Allah for letting me to life on/in this world for 16 years "

a great and a big thanks to all my friends that have been wishing me on my birthday. my birthday song is playing hard on my mind right now.oh, yeah, here am i.updating my blog at 12.37 on 27 august 2012.

my birthday wishes,
i really hope that someone special will be the first person who is wishing on my birthday. and yes. it is impossible, okay, i'll take it as my first challenges as a 16 years old girl. i am glad and really thankful for having such a happy and enjoying and, hurm.. i can't even describe my own feeling. okay, my life ain't perfect yet Allah makes me feel perfect.

being thankful for what have given to me,
yes, i'm living my happy life with my family and friends.  even though i wasn't born in a rich family just like my teacher always say " born to this world with silver spoon on your mouth "
i am really really thankful for having such a great friend,who will always being there for me.motivating me and supporting me. and also my family who always understand me, take me  as who i am. and giving me such a big love.

it almost midnight, and now 12.45 a.m. i should go to bed right now. and should i say hello to school ? last but not least, thanks for those who have been wishing for my birthday :)

a birthday girl,