Wednesday, 1 January 2014


hi & salam,
its been quite a long time i've not been updating my blog right? i've been working for a lot of things for 2013, making a lot of memories with my love one, facing the toughest challenges in my life, finding the cure for broken heart, learning how to keep loving others without hoping anything in return, learning how to appreciate , learning how to forgive and forget and lastly i learn how to accept the reality of life:losing someone you love and someone who you take as your own sister nor brother, i learn what's friends really means & those are all the things tht i've been searching for,i've been working on and lots of things i've learnt from this 2013.
 I'll just stop about 2013 at here. Let me start with this brand new 2014
 Today is 1.1.2014
new year, new life, new aim, new hope and new eja.
i just hope that 2014 will give me a new hope to keep going with my life. and yes, i almost forget that i'm going to start working tomorrow.yaa, i really hope that tomorrow won't be too hard for me. 2014 is the year where i'm waiting for the new phase of life after secondary school.

and lastly, i hope that this 2014 will bring me a lot of sweet memories.
hoping to be a good muslimah.
Tudung Labuh BUKAN penghalang bagi DIRI untuk terus berfesyen

kadang-kadang kita mengharapkan yang terbaik untuk diri sehingga terlupa apakah kita layak untuk yang terbaik. tepuk dada tanya minda. berubah lah menjadi yang terbaik dari terus mengharapakan yang terbaik,

The victory won't come towards us easily unless you, yourself are working for it.

ikhlas dari hati,

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