Friday, 17 May 2013

what a day

salam and hi,
 17th of May is such a special day for me. actually for my mother. today is her birthday. heeeee. i've been planning to buy a give for her and at last i bought a watch for her. okay, its done for my beloved mother birthday.

next week,on 21th of May its gonna be my friend birthday, Baby . I've already bought a present for him. and I don't know if he like it or not. i hope he'll like it.

Lots of things happen in my life. happy memory,sad memory,and etc. its life right. everything happen without any expectation. Everything happen to teach us, to give a lesson to us and lastly to give a memory to our life. whats being the main matter now is, is it good or bad, is it happy or sad? and the one who got the right decide it is ourselves. never expect anything good if you don't work for it.  did you ever noticed that everything happens and gave a lot of advantage and disadvantage. what i want you to do is take the positive one and light up your life with determination. Never forget to pray cause it makes you feel more calm and happier.

in life, we can't satisfied everyone. choose to be happy and you'll be happy. its true, we can't avoid hurting others feelings but at least we can try to learn understand others and respect them, in shaa Allah they'll respect you too.

smiling and laughing is a good medicine for our life and jokes are the supplement vitamin. take it or not, it depends on yourself.

you decide what life mean to you. the key of happiness is you,yourself.

with love,

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Hi , ....(ehem2 testing2)
its have been such a long time i didn't update my blog right? so. here i am. first of all, i wanna ask all of you, did you miss me? hihihi *joking*

so its already 2013 right..? new year and new page of life. so here we go 'SOMETIMES'

 Sometimes in our life we do feel frustrated,sad, happy and bla bla bla. it goes same on me. i do feel sad sometimes but when i'm being so emotional because of that 'sad' feeling i do somethings that could make me happy. for example talk to my best friend, sings the happy songs just like ' saya lah kambing biri-biri ' and etc. all this really works on me 'Sometimes' . so, for those who's really feeling sad right now, try that method. who knows it works on you also.

" when life seems to be so hard for you, stop and spend your 
time with the almighty. In Shaa Allah you'll be fine "

done with that sad thingy. things that really makes me happy? umm. everything makes me happy i think. haha. okay, first things that really makes me happy is when someone smile because of me. especially my mom's and my dad's . then, umm. when people around me is smiling because of my smile and my jokes. it really makes me happy. aaahh. what else oh? idk, it seems like everything around me is making me happy. 

"smiling though part of you is crying. smile is the 
BEST medicine for sadness "

okay,let me stop about that  'SOMETIMES'  here. 

sometimes in our life there's an  unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, an unreachable dream and lastly unforgettable love. smile although sometimes you may feel sad and thinking that your life is so pathetic. stop your negative thinking and start your move with smile's and du'aa In Shaa Allah, HE will show the right way to overcome the obstacle that come into your life. Problems may comes and go just like how Bruno Mar says 'EASY COME, EASY GO' get that. so dear my lovely readers, believe on yourself. say that ' no matter how hard its going to be I'll be strong enough to face it. In Shaa Allah '
Problems,conflicts and whatever things that comes and go in our life change us into someone who is much stronger then we used to be,someone who is full with endurance and someone who do believe on themselves.

smile no matter how old was you, cause a smile will gave you a thousand of happiness 

may Allah shower all of you with HIS blessings.