Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Last Post About Him

salam and hi,

miss me already? okay, see the post tittle above? the last post about him. okay, since we're not together anymore i've decide to write a post about him and untill now or today baru ada kesempatan. okay, the first and the last maybe, post about him. who is HIM ? okay, let me tell of you. HIM is someone or somebody that i used to love,someone that i used to get close and someone that i used to miss. right now, i'm totally having a disorder mental and split personality. okay.hmm. i don't know where i'm gonna start to write about him. I'm getting to know him about 9 months ago and that's mean we're knowing each other for about 9 months already. we're actually accidentally knowing each other. it happens on 24 November 2011. whereas, there a boy who dare to comment on my bored update status on FB . he comment one weird word and it is "POPTROPICA"  okay, i was totally shock. hm. don't know why on that night i was interested to play a game who is weirdly name POPTROPICA. hm. we started to know each other after the game was ended. we're texting and get  to know each other. that was the first time in my life i text a person almost for 5 hours and it was totally OMOOOO! okay,i admit that my hand is "KEPAK" straightly after finish texting with him. day by day both of us getting closer and it was such a great memory to me.

The confession, this part is so so funny okay. where there a man who keep calling me sayang and me "tak malu ke panggil orang sayang sedangkan, there's nothing between us" at first i was totally know and labelled him as a kasanova . how bad am i at that time right? hehe.

I accept him.  I Open My Heart For HIM . I'm falling in love with him. okay, i was totally unexpected that i will fall in love with him. i get to know him more closer. knowing him such a great and wonderful things for me. loving him was totally teaching me what love is. i was In Love.

Just like others couples, of course we're having a problem in our relationship.  and i still remember how hard and how was he trying to convince me and how he try to make me smile. okay, he was totally a patient person. hm. I still remember, there was a girl who tried to ask for his number phone and he don't even reply that girl inbox and i am the one who is always stalking his inbox. okay, i'm just a girl who has a feeling and i do feel jealous okay.

I made such a big decision,
 when I leave him, i decide to stop all this although at that time i know that i really love him. okay, all this happen after i get my hidayah.
and this is the way hidayah came to me.

I Cry. and this is the reason why i lie to him. i tell him that my family don't even allowed me to have a boyfriend. okay, i am guilty. sorry. hmm. i tell him "if there is jodoh and if we're meant to be" For quite a long time, i try to get used with my life without him. and many things happen and it was totally hurt me. i try to make he hate me. i made a fake relationship, sending such a stupid message to him. and thinking that he is trying to play with me. it such a fool things. i cried . i hurt my self. i keep myself in silent and i also being such a fool girl. and at that time, i realized that i need him. i love him. and i don't even able to see he with another girl. and one thing that will never fade and will never i forget is, when he called me. and i heard his breathing while he was sleeping through the phone. oh, how i miss to hear your voice. we're just human beings and we only can planned but all this will happen exactly how ALLAH planned. hmm, that's why its call love. for the one who i ever love and ever come into my heart. i still remember our promises "janji ngan id yg eja sik kan tinggalkan id" "eja janji id" please remeber this chatting,texting, on the phone,video call, skype and everything about you is still there. in a special place. T.A.

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