Sunday, 13 May 2012

exam week XD

hey there anneyong :D  its been quite a long time I didn't update my blog right? okiee, hmm.. now its comes to exam.. okay, I'll try my best. wish that I could do better than the last time.. hey2.. I'm active on twitter now, face book no longer now.. hee~  aja aja fighting.. btw,happy mother's day to my beloved mom..  i love you mom.. saranghae was soo embarrassing when I have to go shopping with my dad, okay,they are thinking that's was my boyfriend.. annoying okay..haha.. that's my papa and not my sugar daddy, stop staring at me lah dude.. haha.. then last friday when it come to recess time I went to the corridor and look down.haha. zul is singing ombak rindu.oh my godness .. never though about it before.. when he saw me standing at the corridor and laughing at him. he just stop singing and saying oh my god,she was there. so embarrassing .. with his blushing face.. zul2..I enjoy listening to your song lah.. haha..

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  1. good luck exam

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